I am a HUGE foodie.  Were I not a foodie, I would be super-thin but would miss out on one of the portable, evolving and luxurious pleasures of life.  I neither live to eat nor eat to live, hovering around the middle of the continuum save for the frequent splurge or fasting day.

Being a foodie requires research! It requires camaraderie!  I also love well-designed blogs with fabulous recipes and amazing photography.  (My own internet skills lack in these areas) For these reasons and of course my interwebz based curiosity quotient, I found these websites: (please enjoy)


SeasaltwithFood (see note)

Not Martha

What We’re Eating

Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen

Farmgirl Fare

Seasaltwithfood is mainly a Malaysian-inspired blog but I would encourage people who aren’t familiar with the cuisine or don’t want to try it to still look at this blog.  Sometimes there are other types of Asian-inspired recipes and non-Asian recipes.  The photography on the site is truly fabulous as well so it’s worth a look.